Following the tradition

Stone and wood, part of the nature itself!

|About Hotel Radio in Skamneli, Zagori
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Hotel Radio - Skamneli, Zagori, Epirus, Greece


Traditional Staying
in Skamneli, Zagori

The Hotel Radio is located in the village Skamneli at the foothills of the mountain of Tymfi at an altitude of 1200m.

The cobblestone streets and the wild natural landscape, the magnificent stone bridges and the warmth of the local hospitality are the main characteristics of the area. Therefore,  the visitor can feel the direct contact with the local elements.

The Hotel Radio impresses also due to its size and its particular architecture. Since it is made of stone and wood, it highlights the lordly style and glamor of traditional zagorian hospitality.

Hotel Radio - Skamneli, Zagori, Greece


And Feel Like Home

Hotel Radio - Zagori, Greece - The Living Room